This is just a quick story to show how I can help you – or anyone you might refer to me – in the sale or purchase of a home.  After years and years of planning, designing, and dreaming John and Julie and their family were able to move last fall into the home of their dreams! Julie an architect by profession had designed the perfect home for her family.  She managed all aspects of the construction – even the decorating!   But in order to make this home a reality, the family needed to sell the home they were currently living in.  That’s where I came in.  Through strategic marketing and pricing, I was able to sell t






heir old home in just 45 days, minimizing the stress and strain of paying two mortgages simultaneously. 



"Thanks so much for helping us sell our home.  We were so very happy with the number of calls we received to come and see the house, especially in such a tough market!  To sell the home so quickly was such a great thing!  We really appreciate how much you did for us, Cheryl, and how professional and fair you treated us throughout the whole process.  You treated us great, almost like Family!


Good luck, and keep up the good work!"


John and Julie Brasher family


I can do the same for your friends and family too. Call me at 916-202-7851 for all your Real Estate needs.